AZ Adoption Records Finder

 Arizona Confidential Intermediary

Question:I live out of state, do I have to meet you in person for your services?

No, you don't have to meet me in person to use my services.

What if I want to search for more than one biological family member? 

You can search for more then one biological family member.
How long will the search take? 
The search can take from a few weeks up to a few years depending on the complexity of the search.

Question: When you open the records, can I have my information? 
All the information from the file  remains confidential including the non-identifying information.

Question: When is the payment due?
A payment schedule can be discussed.

Question: My Arizona adoption was private though an attorney, can you help me? 

Yes, I am able to help you.


Question: I am the biological grandparent and may I have you search for my grandchild? 
A grandparent can search if their child (the biological mother or father) is deceased.


Question: Do you take credit cards?

I am able to accept credit card payments through PayPal.


Question: Do you find every person you look for? 
 No, not every person I search for can be found.
Question: My Mom relinquished my half  brother/sister can I look for a half sibling? 
You may look for a half sibling as long as they are 21 years of age or older.
Question: Can you view my Arizona adoption agency records? 
Yes, I am able to view the adoption agency records whether it be Arizona Children's Home, Birth Hope, Catholic Social Services,
 LDS Family Services, Sunny Dale or any Arizona adoption agency.                         .

Question: My adoption was through Arizona DES can you help me reunite? 
Yes, I have access to DES closed adoption records as a Confidential Intermediary.
Question: How long did your longest search take? 
My longest search took two years.
Question: How long did your shortest search take? 
My shortest search took about two weeks.

Question: Can you recommend any books for me to read during the search ? 
I recommend Adoption Reunion Survival Guide by Julie Jarrell Baily & Lynn N, Giddens, M.A.

Question: What if the person I am looking for is deceased? 
If the person of the search was found to be deceased no information can be released, I would let you know that the person was found to be deceased. In some circumstances I have been able to reunite

the adoptee with a sibling (or half sibling) when the birthmom was found to be deceased.
Question: Can you get a copy of my original birth certificate? 
I am able to get a copy of your original  birth certificate.
 Unfortunately,  the law doesn't permit me to

give you a copy.

Question: Can anything prevent you for searching for my birth family member?
An affidavit of no contact can be placed in the file preventing the search. If the court file contains an affidavit stating  no contact, I am unable to continue the search. It is rare to find an affidavit of no contact.        


Question: How long have you been certified by the Arizona Confidential Intermediary Program?

I have been a AZ Confidential Intermediary for about seven years. My certification was issued in

April of 2007.