AZ Adoption Records Finder

 Arizona Confidential Intermediary




Imagine finally meeting a biological family member and getting the missing
pieces added to your  puzzle....



I am a Confidential Intermediary certified by the Arizona Supreme Court. I am able to view Arizona adoption  records, agency records, and original birth certificates.My mission is to help reunite individuals separated through adoption with their biological family.



I am able to help you reunite with your biological family with Arizona adoptions. If you are an adoptee at least 18 years of age, birth parent, or a biological sibling of an adoptee, I can assist you.



Please feel free to email or call me, and I can tell you more about my services. Reasonable fees

are involved, they are below the guidelines set by the Arizona Supreme Court.



Whether you choose to utilize my services or not, I wish you the best of luck in searching for your

biological families!